Personality: A Systems Approach

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Synopsis of the Site

This site describes a college-level personality textbook entitled Personality: A Systems Approach, and an associated book of readings, Readings in Personality Psychology. The site also includes an On-Line Instructor's Manual which is a full-featured manual for instructors using the personality textbook.

A companion website proivdes an On-Line Student Guide to the Textbook and Course. The site contains resources especially tailored to the needs of students using the textbook.

The textbook and other materials are organized around a new vision for personality psychology that treats its study as an integrated topic (rather than viewing it, for example, through the lenses of competing theoretical perspectives). That newly integrated vision of the discipline, and its rationale, are described above in the section, A Rationale for a New Direction.

For an overview of personality organized in a fashion similar to that used in the textbook, see also the following general personality website.

The 2007 edition of the textbook is now available from the publisher, Allyn & Bacon, and from on-line and other bookstores (click here for more).

The 2007 edition of the readings book is now available from the publisher and from on-line and other bookstores (click here for more).

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